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Azeotrop (06.2009)

Pure musical eruption! A creative chain saw carnage, a stormier nightmare, a simmering exhalation, an abysmal erotic spook….quick, virtuosic and brute, but also extremely slow and noisy…

Three modules are leading AZEOTROP’s music:

 most: freely played sequences

 »jingles«, composed short and erratic spots by PC Zumthor and Felix Profos

 graphic scores by the swiss serialist Hermann Meier, set to music and noise

A stark raving mad jiggering Hammond organist (Dominik Blum from Winterthur, well known as the organist of the experimental band Steamboat Switzerland) delivering the whole of the harmonics by himself using also the two octave pedals to create bass power, and a high-speed drummer outright adrenalin ebullient (Peter Conradin Zumthor from Chur, member of the Freenoise- Band Krakatau and Frachter) make AZEOTROP to a noise grind spectacle of a very particular kind.

Azeotrop 2006 is vinyl-only released and limited to 500 copies.

 Dominik Blum (Homepage) (also on GROB315, GROB316, GROB655, GROB859)

Peter Conradin Zumthor

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