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Bailey Hautzinger (03.2002)

Last year in January, Franz Hautzinger drove to London to visit Derek Bailey and make some music together. The way Franz Hautzinger saw it, everything ran smoothly. Three hours of material were recorded. Hautzinger searched for a good hour of material for this new CD. Among other things, Patrick Pulsinger was entrusted with the mastering. For nearly a year, Hautzinger let the material rest, listened to it again and again, and repeatedly made tiny changes in the sound that outsiders probably will never perceive. These are all signs that Bailey Hautzinger has not become a classic improv record, like Bailey has recorded, in the hundreds, in his 35-year-long career as the ambassador of improvised music. Hautzinger's style, heavily loaded with noise and known from his solo CD Gomberg (GROB 211), sabotages the typical reaction patterns and clichés of (the really no longer very) free music. He has opened this music to new perspectives, created other structural levels, made possible a differentiated listening, as old fashioned as this sounds! As an outsider Hautzinger is able to shift the party lines, thanks to his absolutely individual, idiosyncratic way of playing the trumpet.
"Of course," Bailey had no problems adapting ad hoc to this perspective. And because one knows that Bailey is Bailey, one doesn't need to get dumfounded, but can directly submerge into the fine, careful (but not reserved) structures and branches and thereby perceive how Hautzinger forms his own playing, how he growls, broods, mumbles and murmurs softer. Until a melody appears on the horizon.
One of the first improv records of the new century, said in all modesty.

Derek Bailey

Franz Hautzinger (also on GROB211, GROB313/4, GROB435, GROB544, GROB656)

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