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Marchetti_Voice Crack_Noetinger - double_wash (05.2001)

In the last few years, the Swiss duo Andi Guhl and Norbert Möslang, a.k.a. Voice Crack, a.k.a. "The Godfathers of Glitch" (Phil Durrant) have searched out cooperation with other artists: there have been recordings with Günter Müller, Jim O'Rourke, Eric M and Otomo Yoshihide. The cooperation with Lionel Marchetti and Jérome Noetinger is doubly different on double_wash. On the one hand, both Frenchmen work, musically, in a similar field; to a large degree, they also use found objects in their electro-acoustic improvisations. On the other hand, the recordings made in the Winter of 1998 are not a pure documentation-they were re-mixed in the Summer by Marchetti above all, but also by Möslang. What's being released is a CD that is committed to improvisation as well as to electro-acoustic music.
This can naturally be traced back to the participation of the French. Marchetti and Noetinger see themselves in the tradition of the now classic musique concréte, and as owner of the label and distribution Metamkine, Noetinger has released, for example, compositions from Jim O'Rourke or Luc Ferrari, and Marchetti has cooperated, as a composer, with Ralf Wehowsky, among others. Both see musique concréte, however, not as sacred territory to be preserved at all costs-they have developed an open, punk-like attitude to this sound aesthetic; they infiltrate the music with improvisation and a D.I.Y. attitude.
Little need be said about Voice Crack and their cracked everyday electronics. For over 25 years, they have been developing, beginning in Free Jazz, then becoming a harsh noise group par excellence in the 80's and extending our listening habits with breath taking sound layers: just as brute as subtle and always resourceful.
double_wash brings this dialectic of formal variety and monochromatism, of willingness to exchange and of unmistakable handwriting to its conclusion.

Lionel Marchetti

Andi Guhl

Norbert Möslang (also on GROB649)

Jérome Noetinger (also on GROB206/7)

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