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Dachte Musik (02.2001)

Following Gomberg (GROB 211), Dachte Musik is the second provocative project that the Viennese trumpeter and composer Franz Hautzinger has released on GROB (others will follow!).
Dachte Musik unifies several of the musically most radical and innovative Austrian voices: next to Franz Hautzinger are the trombonist Radu Malfatti and the guitarists Burkhard Stangl and Gunter Schneider. They are all active composers and crossover artists between the typically so bitterly defended territories of improvised and new music.
Dachte Musik is an untranslatable title and even in German unapproachable-this is exactly how the music's radical nature expresses itself. What's meant is that music is not simply played and thus thought [gedacht] and hence understood in the (grammatical) passive (voice), in which a simple reference is forced upon an activity (of the musicians, of the composer).
Dachte Musik voices the matter that music is its own system which eludes the intentions and ideas of the musicians, and which develops and expresses its own rules in the interactions and in its specific performance situation. It would be metaphysical, however, to think that out of "thought music," "thinking music" could ever arise. Hardly. Even when music turns into, or is, a system of rules, it still remains related to the composers and interpreters: it is neither thought nor thinking-it is Dachte Musik.
On this double CD, the group Dachte Musik voices this shimmering and ambivalence of music so clearly and concisely, like no other group. In their two long instant compositions, each filling a CD, they act completely free of intention, develop no tension-filled arches, do without foregrounded interaction patterns and insist, in the end, solely on the sound of the instrument itself: strings sound like strings, the horns form air, but no melodies, no motives, no tones. The music is peaceful, but it's probably not even that. It is simply left over to itself. Every moment of tension and of expression comes into being out of the material itself, pure.
It doesn't matter on which micro-level this moves, it's unheard-of in any case!

Franz Hautzinger (also on GROB211, GROB425, GROB435, GROB544, GROB656)

Radu Malfatti (also on GROB650, GROB651)

Günther Schneider

Burkhard Stangl (also on GROB430 and GROB431)

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