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Ticklish (10.2000)

Micro-Macro. Electronic Music between grooves and non-idiomatics. Ticklich consists of the distinguished London improviser Kev Hopper (among others, Stereolab, High Llamas, cooperation with Charles Hayward), Richard Sanderson (cooperation with Steve Beresford/Anna Homler, Simon Fisher Turner, Peter Cusack, Kaffe Matthews, Blixa Bargeld), Phil Durrant (cooperation with John Butcher, John Russell, Thomas Lehn, Radu Malfatti, the Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra), and the video artist Rob Flint.
Their music occupies an vacant space. They take the best models of danceable, cool catchy electronic music into something free and pulsing. And visa-versa: from the abstract heights of improvised music, as they are scaled only in England, Ticklish come across the clicks and cuts of post techno.
Their music is groove without the dictate of the beat, cool without betting on the superficiality of a hook. And improvisation without "plink plonk."
This CD is their debut. The cover art is from Rob Flint.

Phil Durrant (also on GROB206/7)

Rob Flint

Kev Hopper

Richard Sanderson

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