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Fred Lonberg-Holm/ Jim O'Rourke/ Weasel Walter -
Tribute to Masayuki Takayanagi (08.2000)

Asides from Keith Rowe and fully independent of him, Masayuki Takayanagi was the first guitarist to use the table-top guitar, thereby instigating a purely incomprehensible noise. The Japanese priest of noise, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide and Merzbow all went to his "school."
For Weasel Walter, drummer and mastermind of the Flying Luttenbachers, this was cause enough to dedicate an entire CD to him.
No, one doesn't have to say much about this. This is highly dynamic no-compromise noise, packed in an aesthetic that ostensibly plays with clichés of violence and has O'Rourke as "Lycanthrovampyr." It rocks, uncontrolled and still on the dot. Weasel Walter's bottomless black calculation proves right.

We also need not mince words about O'Rourke, the Todd Rundgren of our epoche, or about Fred Longberg-Holm, the inspired cellist, who has played with everyone, from Peter Brötzmann to Anthony Coleman.
What else? The CD presents two sessions, one from 1996, one from 2000; there are a few overdubs (on the session from 2000) and O'Rourke plays Kevin Drumms' guitar (on the session from 1996). The cover art, the liner notes and the mix are from Weasel Walter. And don't get the idea to bother the group with interview inquiries.

Fred Lonberg-Holm (also on GROB546)

Jim O'Rourke

 Weasel Walter (also on GROB546)

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