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Werther/ Wittwer - I (04.2000)

Michael Wertmüller and Stephan Wittwer remember the great times, when bands such as Alboth! or Painkiller fused metal and free jazz-but Wertmüller and Wittwer do it only in order to develop their own definition of energy loaded improvisation in the middle of well-known quotations and stylistic loans. For a moment one thinks of desert rock, the Melvins, post-industrial tribalism and cool-concentrated uncontrolled rage à la Slayer. But Wertmüller and Wittwer do not limit themselves to citing. They insist on these moments, take them apart, roll them flat, chew on them so long until they have lost their original consistency. In spite of reflecting upon itself, the music develops a striking force that is simply breathtaking. Werther / Wittwer easily stand up to the paradox of the simultaneity between standing still and racing along.
Stephan Wittwer, through his excellent production, brings this improvisational art into a clear image, which subtly and precisely resolves the apparently most casual details.

Drummer Michael Wertmüller is known for his activities with Alboth!, has played as well with Peter and Caspar Brötzmann, and Hans Reichel. Via his cooperation with Dieter Schnebel he was able to establish himself as an important composer of new music. One of his compositions will be performed at this year's Donaueschingen Festival for New Music. Wertmüller got to know Stephan Wittwer in a trio with the saxophonist Werner Lüdi. The guitarist Wittwer is a pioneer of free improvisation in Switzerland and one of the most distinguished improvisers in the world. He has played with Radu Malfatti, Paul Lovens, Iréne Schweizer, Martin Schütz, Hans Koch, Rüdiger Carl, Butch Morris, Phil Minton, and Peter Brötzmann and has worked together with artists such as the legendary artist duo Fischli / Weiss. Moreover, he has made a name for himself as a producer as well as a composer of film music. With all independence, his guitar playing is characterized by an enormous flexibility: he has absorbed the lessons from Hardcore and Trash Metal and transferred them elegantly and without compromise into his own idiom. The magazine Spex named him "perhaps the last metal guitarist."

Michael Wertmüller (also on GROB545)

Stephan Wittwer (also on GROB320)

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