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Joseph Suchy - Smi2le (01.2000)

Announced in 1978: the debut album of the guitarist and producer Joseph Suchy. The guitar virtuoso focuses here completely on brute and highly dynamic sound eruptions, whose subtlety appears in sudden breaks and surprising empty spaces. Only with his guitar and a multi-tracking devise, he constructs complex improvised music. The effect of the music is aimed directly at the body: it is perceived via the stomach: the music's physical presence takes one's breath away in the truest sense of the word.
Smile does not solely consist of material from 1978. In the last 20 years, Suchy has made many attempts at a solo album, and each time threw out completely formed designs. He worked on Smile for over a year.
Joseph Suchy has played with, among others, FX Randomiz and Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars) in the group Four Square Logos as well as in the Freecore group Metall Assemblague. Along with Randomiz and Werner, he also produces for the label Gefriem. Next to his solo performances, he is currently working as a studio musician for, among others, Bernd Friedmann and Schlammpeitziger. He designs sound installations at the Institute for Media Arts Cologne and appears in a duo with FX Randomiz or in the Freecore collective Koro.

Josef Suchy

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