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Beastieshopbeach - Beastieshopbeach (12.1999)

Olaf Rupp and Götz Rogge -both from Berlin- playing live electronic music. Hidden beats meats droning melodies, destroyed guitar chords meet acoustic entropy and wild activism... everything is constructed within and on top of each other. Overlapping, however, not as a provocation, but as the last means of percieving the world.
Beastieshopbeach improvise. The technical means are modest -a beaten wooden board replaces a drum machine- but they have no limits to their imagination. After their debut CD on GROB (1998, GROB CDr 002, sold out), now the uncompromising follow up arrives.
Götz Rogge works as a film maker, Olaf Rupp as a guitarist and electronic musician (mostly solo guitar, but also cooperation with Wolfgang Fuchs, Harri Sjöström, Paul Lovens, Thomas Lehn, Butch Morris...).

 Olaf Rupp (also on GROB002, GROB006 and GROB433)

Götz Rogge (also on GROB002)

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